Saturday, 22 May 2010

Useful Boating Related French Words & Phrases

It soon became apparent that our school french was possibly not going to be quite enough to get us through our trip and that a few 'new words' might be in order. I have listed the ones that we have found useful and, just in case there is anyone who has even less of a repertoire than us, a few others too.

I'll continue to add to this list as I think of 'useful' words whilst continuing with this blog.

Barge .... Peniche
Boat .... Bateau

Bread .... Pain
Bridge .... Pont

Butter .... Beurre
Canal .... Canal
Lock .... Ecluse

Milk - fresh .... Lait frais (red cap is full fat & blue cap is semi-skimmed)
Milk - longlife .... Lait de longlife
Please .... S'il vous plait

River .... Fleuve

Supermarket ....Supermarche'

Thank you ....
Speed .... Vitesse

Water .... Eau

Well done ....
Bien Cuit (for steak) - this will still be cooked what is considered medium by most!

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